Moe & Johnny’s since 1994

Our “M and J home” was originally built in 1922 as a neighborhood shopping corner with three individual buildings: Kroger grocery was in our big bar room, the dining room was a Pure Gas Station and the Coffee Shop was Scheefer Cleaners. Shortly after the Korean War, the Grocery became a restaurant and there has been a restaurant of some kind here since the 50s.

In 2001 we closed and began the remodel that would allow us to provide the maximum in accommodation to our neighborhood customer (restoration photos are on the north wall of the Bar Room). We joined all the individual buildings so we could provide an environment for every mood or occasion with easy access. The dining room windows are the old Garage Doors and 14 foot ceilings provided room for the first hydraulic lifts in the neighborhood. The porcelain Gas Pump Cover on the east wall mural was found in the rafters in a box wrapped in newspaper dated 1928 (so old the paper turned to powder when we unwrapped the cover!)

The Coffee Shop is decorated with antiques from Old Indy: our booth seats are from the downtown King Cole Restaurant (look on the front frame for the telephone plug in, this is pre cell phone!). Our table tops are from the Teller’s Cage Room on the top floor of the Old Indiana National Bank. The stained glass partitions came out of one of the very first Laughner’s Cafeterias built after WW ll. Our counters and bar tops are the volley ball court floor from the Pan Am games of 1987.

We are an Indianapolis, Butler Tarkington neighborhood restaurant and we love our heritage and our neighbors! All our building and decorating efforts are to provide the best possible haven to escape the modern hectic world! We offer a variety of environments; Sports Bar, Coffee Shop, Dining Room and outdoor Porches to fit your mood, whatever that might be. Most importantly our pledge to you is an unwavering commitment to accommodation, service and the quality product our neighbors deserve.